Zeptejte se vývojářů 36


Zeptejte se vývojářů 36, výběr zajímavých informací v původním tvaru česky komentuje Pedy007.

Do komentářů můžete hodit, komu se český komentář hodil.

Q: Would you please reconsider buffing the MG’s damage?
A: We are always looking at weapons. No plans to buff damage specifically.

Tak MG zatím zůstane tak jak je.

Logan Doyle: Can I ask when Clans will be able to be a playable faction?
A: No official timeline has been announced for Clans yet. We plan to reveal more information after Launch in late Summer.

Stále stejná písnička, klany a jejich technika bude až …
Další informace snad o prázdninách. Po ukončení Bety.

Jetfire: I have been noticing the awesome lightning effect on the base rigs. Could we please see a severe storm weather mode with some heavy duty lightning as a map alternate? Would be a real challenge given that the thermal wouldn’t work well due to the cold rain and the night vision should oversaturate on the lightning flashes. I am thinking Canyon would be amazing with this.
A: I’d love the art team to create a real stormy map. Stay tuned.

Tak možná bude mapa s pořádnou bouřkou. Čekejte …

CutterWolf: Will we see destructible terrain and will terrain effect movement speed?
A: Terrain, no. Objects yes. And yes terrain will modify speed.

Zničitelný terén nebude, objekty ANO. Konečně nepoběží mech stejně na silnici i po kabinu ve vodě.

Ozric: When can we expect the next phase of LRM balancing and/or how close are we to the LRMworking as intended?
A: Over the next few patches.

LRM se budou ladit ještě dlouho.

Riddler9884: Are there currently any new weapons or variations of weapons in the works?
A: Yes, we are adding all of the Clan weapons.

Všechny klanové zbraně budou.

Palador: Will you be able to add mines to game? If they are laid by air strikes or artillery barrage it will give another use for the beagle active probe – mine detection!
A: We’re exploring ways to make consumable mines/drops.

Bum, Bum. Tak budou i minová pole.

FrostCollar: In the past, you’ve mentioned the possibility of alternate ammunition types for certain weapons. Do you have any updates on any progress that has been made on that concept? Is that a feature that could potentially be ready around launch?
A: We’re not actively working on it and is not currently part of any launch plans.

Různá munice se zatím neplánuje.

Perspicatron: Do you have plans to implement active/passive sensors? I think that if every mech had a limited “stealth” mode there would be more use for TAG/BAP/Narc and it might balance the fact that only a select few mechs can mount ECM.
A: Yes. No ETA.

Aktivní / pasivní senzory budou. Nikdo neví kdy.

Helsynge: Will we be getting a european server any time soon during open beta?
A: Nothing official to report yet.

Server pro Europu, nikdo nic neví.

Jarvis Lancaster: When the game is moved out of beta, will the players still have all their mechs and other items they purchased?
A: Yes.

Po ukončení bety nepřijdete o své věci.

carl Kerensky: How soon will we see Direct X 11 implementation? Would it be possible to see some screenshots on the visual improvements?
A: It’s almost done and in final QA testing. No screenshots available. DX11 isn’t a huge graphical improvement out of the box. Most of the bells and whistles require us to invest time in adding new features to the engine.

Direct X 11 – pracuje se na tom, bude ještě to trvat …

Karma Police: why not give us the abilty to shoot down LRMs with MGs and lasers?
A: Possibly.

LTM půjdou sestřelit, tedy možná.

Ardlen: Can we get a method to bind zoom to the mousewheel scroll?
A: Sure.

Zoom půjde na kolečko myši.

Přesun C-bills and/or MC mezi hráči nebude.

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